First Name of the Year 2019: Greta

Greta is not the most common, but the most interesting first name of the year 2019. Things can happen very quickly: Earlier Greta was just an inconspicuous retro name, now this first name is a political statement. Since Greta Thunberg has been so incredibly successful in shaking up humanity, her …

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The most popular Nazi names

Nazi names, this subject sounds more exciting than it is. The first names that were most often given in Germany from 1933 to 1945 are by and large the same as those that were common before and after. Only the first name Adolf was awarded noticeably more frequently in the …

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First Name of the Year 2017: Vaiana

To choose the “first name of the year”, I was again looking for a name that is somehow special for the current year. In previous years I chose Elphi, Samu, Neymar and Kathalea; this year Alexa and Donald were proposed to me. I chose Vaiana, the name of the heroine …

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Amelia about german Baby Names

Amelia from Canada presents the most popular baby names in germany of 2011: Video on Youtube She knows that the german pronunciation is different!

Most popular names in east vs. west germany in 2009

Here are the most popular names in east vs. west germany in 2009: East (formerly German Democratic Republic) Boys: 1. Paul, 2. Lucas / Lukas, 3. Finn / Fynn, 4. Leon, 5. Jonas, 6. Max, 7. Tim, 8. Ben, 9. Felix, 10. Luca Girls: 1. Lilli / Lilly, 2. Leonie, …

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Vorname and Rufname – about German Given Names

The German word Vorname can be literally translated into English as pre-name. This is a name that German parents give to a newborn child. Among Catholics it often happens that a child has more than one Vorname. However, in informal daily communication people usually call a person by just one …

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